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Big Mama’s Tea Cakes

My in-laws, Al and Glenn, along with their cousin Nell, came through town yesterday on their way home from a family reunion they went to in Mt. View, Arkansas.  We didn’t have time to go grocery shopping before they came so I thought I would try to whip something up quickly they could snack on.  I decided to try out Big Mama’s Tea Cakes, the recipe that my cousin Nedra sent me. She got it from Aunt Maudie, and she got it from her mama, and my great-grandmother Mollie Harris, aka “Big Mama”.

Anywho, they loved the Tea Cakes, and Nell even took the them home with her. Well, okay, there were only three left and I saw no need to fight her for them.  I’ll just make more.  I have a feeling she will too as she took the recipe home with her.  After a little trial and probably a lot of error, here are the Tea Cakes.

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