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Find Me Friday – Little Goldie Freedle

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Find Me Friday is my own little blog prompt to help me post pictures of unidentified people, or people who are identified, but I don’t know who they are or how they connect to my family.

One good thing about the 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks challenge of Amy Johnson Crow over at No Story Too Small blog is that while I’m going through all my files looking at documents and preparing the posts is that I am coming across things that I have forgotten about, or maybe they mean more to me now that I have done more research.

Last week when I was working on my blog post for 52 Ancestors – #3 James Edmund Harris, I came across this photo that Martha Harris Horn and Butch Harris had shared with me.

Possibly Goldie Freedle??

Possibly Goldie Freedle??

Now, I can’t read the first name for certain. My brother Butch thinks it could be Anna. I’m not sure. The middle name is definitely Harris and the last name is definitely Freedle. Then you have the back of the photo.

Possibly Goldie Freedle??

Possibly Goldie Freedle??

First it says, for “Uncle Edd Haris“.

Then the other writing says, “Hellaw Grandmoma and Grandpa and little brothers. little Goldie Freedle.

So, this has to be a niece of Grandpa of Ed. In some of my research at one point I listed Grandpa Ed’s brother Levi Harris as having a daughter named Paris, which I found on the 1900 census for Levi. Turns out when I went back and looked today, Paris is a son of Levi, not a daughter.  I had hoped this was possibly the mother of Goldie, but it wasn’t to be.

What’s odd is, the family of Levi is living with Mahala (Valentine) Harris Hogan, the mother of Grandpa Ed and Levi, and they are listed as Hogan’s not Harris’.  Mahala had remarried William H. Hogan after William James Harris passed away.

1900 Mahala Harris Hogan Census

1900 Census – Mahala Harris Hogan Family

A quick search on Ancestry.com lead me to this record:

Paris Goldie Freedle Campos Death Record for California

Paris Goldie Freedle Campos Death Record for California

So, hmmmmmm. Maybe I’m on the right track?

If you know little Goldie Freedle, please contact me.

Norma Jean McClure Davis

Guest post by my 3rd cousin, Tony Davis.

Susie has graciously allowed me to post this brief article on my aunt, Norma Jean (McClure) Davis, who was married to my uncle, C. Gene Davis.  My father was Lynn Arthur Davis, and Uncle Gene was his older brother.  For those who don’t know, their father was Clarence Davis, son of William Harley and Janie (Giles) Davis.  Harley was a son of William Lynn and Sarah (Robertson) Davis.  Susie and I are related two ways: Harley’s brother Jim Davis married Florence Higginbotham, and Harley’s sister Mollie Davis married Major Harris! A small world, especially south Miller County in the early 1900’s!

With the recent passing of my Uncle Gene on October 30, 2013, my Aunt Agnes, who married Uncle Gene in 1973, gave me old photos that Uncle Gene had taken as a teenager, as well as photos of Uncle Gene’s first wife, Norma Jean.  Norma Jean was the daughter of Dan Henry and Oberia (McDonald) McClure.

Norma Jean McClure

Norma Jean McClure as a teenager.

She and Uncle Gene married in 1949, and she died unexpectedly on January 2, 1966 in Texarkana.  She is buried at East Memorial Gardens.  These are the facts of her brief life, but not really why I wanted to write this article.

Gene and Norma Jean Davis - Wedding

Gene and Norma Jean Davis – Wedding

My aunt and uncle did not have any children, so I guess I was in some way a substitute.  I was very close to them, as we lived in those early years in Texarkana, before my father joined the FBI and we moved away.  Everyone who knew her thought she was a very classy lady, always dressed sharply and elegantly, long red fingernails, cat-eye glasses, the epitome of 1950’s and early 1960’s style.  My mother, Sue, tells the story of the time I got into a nest of chiggers, and was literally covered with them.  I wouldn’t let anybody pick them off except my aunt Norma Jean.

When I first started reading Susie’s blog I found a picture she had posted of the “Radar Squares” square dancing club.  What I soon realized was that my Uncle Gene and Aunt Norma Jean were in the same picture with Edna and Earl Higginbotham!  Once again a small world!

Radar Squares 1965

Radar Squares 1965

It’s funny that you don’t usually know about your relatives growing up, unless you are inquisitive, as we genealogists are. When my father died, I knew he was a cheerleader at Texarkana, Arkansas High, but I didn’t know he was also part of a tumbling team, and played a lead part in the Senior High play.  When my Uncle Gene died, I didn’t realize he was such an avid photographer as a teenager.  Aunt Agnes gave me several photo books full of pictures he had taken of friends and activities in his life growing up in Texarkana.  I also didn’t know that my Aunt Norma Jean was a band majorette at Texarkana, Arkansas High School.  There are a lot of pictures of her that Uncle Gene took.  How young and carefree everyone looked!  I guess God allows most of us those easy times in life to help make up for the tough times.

Norma Jean as a Majorette

Norma Jean as a Majorette

I have included some of the pictures I was given by Aunt Agnes, who is also a very stylish (and fun!) lady.  Uncle Gene was a very lucky man to have married two such lovely women.  A tear comes to my eye when I think of my dear Aunt Norma Jean, and most recently my Uncle Gene.  Thank you for joining me on this trip down memory lane.

Tony Davis

52 Ancestors – #3 James Edmund Harris

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I have decided to accept the challenge of Amy Johnson Crow over at No Story Too Small blog. Amy challenges us: 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks.  I think this is an excellent challenge as I tend to focus on my brick walls, and this will force me to fan out in my tree and focus on other ancestors.

Please meet my 2nd great-grandfather, James Edmund Harris.  Week three and my third post in the challenge.

James Ed Harris

Grandpa Ed, as he was so affectionately called was the son of William James Harris and Mahala Valentine Harris.  He was born in August of 1864 but I have not found what day of the month he was born on.

In the 1870 census, I find him living in Ward 10, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana with his father, mother, and brother George Washington Harris.

1870 Census Harris Family

In the 1880 census, I find him living in Albany, Nevada Co., Arkansas with his father, mother, and brothers, George Washington, Jarrett R., and Levi Harris.

1880 Census Harris

On April 2, 1885 Grandpa Ed married Martha Alice Herring, the daughter of James F. Herring and Mary George Hooker Herring.

Ed and Alice Harris Marriage Record

I’m guessing here, but since they got married in 1885 in Miller County, and Martha Harris Horn and Butch Harris had these two letters from Dr. Ignatius Few, from 1891 and 1892, that he was no longer living in Nevada County but had moved to Miller County, Arkansas sometime between the 1880 census and the time of these letters. I looked up Dr. Few and he was a Dr. in Texarkana, Miller County, Arkansas.

James Ed Harris Dr note May 1891

James Ed Harris Dr note April 1892

Per the bible record of Martha’s mother, Mary Hooker Herring, Ed and Alice had the following children:

Martha and Butch also had this poll tax receipt from 1900 for the 1899 poll tax year. They also have land deeds, promissory notes, and other records but it would take me days to get all those put in this post.

James Ed Harris Poll Tax Receipt 1899

On the 1900 census I find Ed and Alice with their children, a servant and Alice’s mother Mary Herring, living in Boggy Town, Miller County, Arkansas and Ed is listed as a farmer.

1900 Census Harris

In 1905, my great-grandfather Major married Mollie Agnes Davis. In this photo, ca. 1909 or 1910 of the Davis family, you can see Major and Mollie Harris on the front row, far right with Mollie holding my grandmother, Edna Harris Higginbotham who was born in 1908. Standing above them on the porch you can see Alice Harris standing to the right of the pole close to the steps and Grandpa Ed Harris standing next to her.

Davis Family ca 1910

On the 1910 Census, I find Ed and Alice living in Garland, Miller Co., Arkansas with two boarders.

1910 Census Harris

I could not find them on the 1920 census. Martha and Butch have both told me how their father Walter Harris, the son of Uncle Doc was raised by Grandpa Ed, and Momma Alice as Walter referred to them. Uncle Doc and Pearl, Walter’s parents divorced and times being hard like they were, Pearl took Earl (Walter’s brother) with her, and Grandpa Ed and Momma Alice took Walter to raise until Grandpa Ed died in 1933. Somehow I missed what Uncle Doc was doing, but I know he was always around and I’m sure he stepped in when Grandpa Ed died. You know the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Here are a few pictures that Martha and Butch shared with me.

This photo is of Grandpa Ed and Momma Alice, with Walter Harris. Martha and Butch’s father.

James Ed Martha and Walter Harris

This group photo has Grandpa Ed as the second man from the left, with Walter standing in front of him, Mollie Harris my great-grandmother standing behind him, Momma Alice next to Mollie, my great-grandfather Major Harris behind Momma Alice and I have been told that is Clarence Davis and family to the right of Major Harris but I am not sure.  If you see this Tony, let me know and I will correct this part of the post. I don’t know who the gentlemen is on the far left either.

James Ed & Martha Harris Walter Harris Clarence Davis

This group photo is again of the Harris Family.  Momma Alice is on the far left, with Grandpa Ed next to her.  Aunt Birdie Harris Williams is standing next to Grandpa Ed, and her husband T.E. Williams is standing next to her.  Walter Harris is in front of T.E. Williams. The woman behind the girl standing next to Walter is Rhodean, Uncle Doc’s second wife and to the far right, you can see Uncle Doc.  The children are Birdie’s I’m guessing, but I don’t know who the man is behind Aunt Birdie and T.E. Williams.

Martha James Ed Birdie Doc Rhodean and children

I called Martha last night and asked her if she had a story about Grandpa Ed and she shared with me that Grandpa Ed was always known to be very kind-hearted. The story had been told to her by her father Walter that when they would go downtown during the depression, Grandpa Ed would throw change out on the ground to the children on Broad St. and Momma Alice would fuss at him because she was “tight”.

I love stories like that, and I love that I have gotten to know Grandpa Ed through Martha and Butch, so a big thank you to them for sharing these photos, documents, and bibles with me.

On the 1930 census, I find them still living in Garland, Miller Co., Arkansas and indeed Walter, grandson, is listed as living with them as well.

1930 Census Harris

Martha and Butch also had a copy of his obituary, but there was no date of death written on it or in the obituary.

James Ed Harris Obit

Their headstone shed no light on specific dates either. Here is Grandpa Ed and Momma Alice’s headstone in the family plot in Harmony Grove Cemetery.

James Ed and Martha Harris Headstone

I went to the vital records office in Little Rock, Arkansas and requested a copy of his death certificate in hopes that I could find out his parent’s names but they couldn’t find his death record. I did however find his date of death eventually from the Bowden Funeral Home records.  According to the records, Grandpa Ed died on 30 Jan 1933, and Uncle Doc paid the funeral home.

Bowden Funeral Home Records

If you have more information on the Harris family, I would love to hear from you. Also, if you have a story to add about Grandpa Ed, I will be happy to do that.

Here is how I descend from Grandpa Ed.

Descendant Chart James Ed Harris to Susie

Travel Tuesday – Trip Down Home

Where is Down Home you say?  Well, down (south) in Texarkana, and while I have never actually lived in Texarkana, I consider it down home because your home is where your heart is, or family is right? Considering this is where all the family is for both my maternal and paternal side, I just call it down home.

As soon as Knucklehead got off the bus on Friday afternoon, a week or so ago, we headed down home.

Knucklehead's Bus

Continue reading

And the Winners Are…

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Congratulations to 1st place winner of the Fold3.com one year membership:  Michelle Harris who said, “I’d probably like to be my 6th great grandfather, who was a cherokee chief and diplomat and negotiated with the British government in the 1700s.”

Congratulations to 2nd place winner of the Newspapers.com one year membership:  Kookie Hemperley who said, “After giving this much thought, I would like to spend the day with my grandmother, Emma Pearl Bain Martin and her son, my uncle, Ray Houston Martin. I would like to know how Granny Pearl survived the Depression with an out of work ill husband that died leaving her with children to raise and no income. Uncle Ray was killed in WW II in Tunisia at the age of 27. I have to tried to obtain his service records but have been unable to do so due to the fact that the repository that housed them burned. Since they both died before I was 2 years old, I have no memories of either of them , I would like to know them in person not through documents.”

Congratulations to 3rd place winner of the $30 gift certificate to Blurb.com:  Ken Wilder, who said, “If I could, I would pick to be my great, great grandfather, James Banks of Georgia. He was a civil war veteran who had to file for his pension as being indigent. He was reported to have to depend on his daughters to support. I can’t even begin to imagine how he might have felt about having to do that.
If I could travel back and be James, my hope would be that there would be a way to have made it easier on him and his family.

I will be contacting you soon with your prize information!

FYI – I use a plugin that chooses the winners for me, it’s totally random and I have no say in it.

Blogiversary Winners

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