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Decked the halls, y’all!!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.   It should with only two weeks left.  I thought I would share with you what has been going on around here.

Knucklehead and I got the tree out  (with the help of Uncle John who got it out of the attic for us) and we set it up.  Then we plugged in our PRE-LIT tree to find that only half of it was pre-lit.

Pre-lit tree, not so pre-lit

Totally bummed, I had to run up to the Dollar General store and buy some lights to fill in the dead spots.  I did, and Knucklehead when to decorating.  I’m lucky if he placed one ornament every thirty minutes or so.

Knucklehead decorating

After a VERY long night, with both of us wanting to kill each other by the end of it, the tree was finally finished and I did the rest of the decorations while Knucklehead and Ringo watched TV.  We finished at 1:00 am.  I was whooped but the end result looks good and both Knucklehead and I survived and still love each other.

Booyah!  Can’t ask for more than that.

The Decorations Christmas 2012

I took several pictures of Ringo by the tree as I wanted to get one of him with his ears up but I was making him sit and stay, right in front of the tree and he thought he was in trouble so his ears never came up. Here he is anyway.

Ringo Christmas 2012

Then I took some shots of Knucklehead which I love, so here are a few. I love to get close up shots of people’s faces. I want to remember every little line, dimple or freckle. Sometimes dirt, but that’s what little boys are for.

Knucklehead 01

Knucklehead 02

And my favorite of all time:

Knucklehead 03

Cameron, my step-son and who I call CamWow, but Skylar calls Camera, came in over the week-end and I took some shots of him and Knucklehead and this is what I got.

Knucklehead and CamWow

I do believe CamWow was about to rub a bald spot on Knucklehead’s head, but he didn’t. Then we had to have the obligatory wrestling match of which Ringo had to get involved in. I love the fact that they are jumping around and in the background on the TV Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Perkins are jumping on the trampoline in the movie “Big”. I’ve been getting great photo bombs from the TV lately.

Knucklhead, CamWow and Ringo

Also, if you will take a moment to look at the bottom half of the tree in the above picture of the kids, you will notice the rest of the pre-lit lights on the tree went out. YAY!! Another trip to the store, hence the new lights on the couch and I should tell you, it is no fun trying to stick lights on an already decorated tree. Alix stuck them on for me and now it looks good, but that tree is going in the trash after Christmas and I’ll be getting me a flocked tree next year. So get ready family!

Here is my little Skylar in front of the tree, he is such a cutie.

Skylar Higginbotham

Lastly, I have been going to a few Christmas parties and I believe I have worn more makeup in the last two weeks than I have all year.  There’s not much point in getting all fancied up here on the compound, it’s not like the chickens care, so it’s been a treat to get all “Dolled” up and roll out on the big town of Heber Springs.  LOL.

Anyway, I took this picture to send to The Hubs before the DAV Christmas party, just to remind him I can clean up a bit so it turned out pretty good and I guess I’ll share it.  I hardly ever post pictures of myself but I’ll do it this time.  At least I don’t have duckface.  LOL


Knucklehead has prepared his Christmas list and placed it in his wish box under the tree.  I was pretty impressed with his list, it wasn’t much and it’s all affordable stuff so it should be easier this year.

Knuckleheads Christmas Wish list

After all this activity when I just want to sit down and watch TV and relax, it seems I always have to fight for the remote.  Do you have this problem at your house?  Even Ringo hogs the remote.  He loves Cesar, the Dog Whisperer!  He does cry when he watches Animal Hoarders though so I have to try to avoid that.

Ringo hogging the remoteSo, that’s it.  I’m going to go and fight for the remote and watch a sappy love story or a Christmas movie.

I hope you all are enjoying getting ready for Christmas, I am but next on the list is shopping.



Christmas Traditions for the Harris’ and families

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First off, just let me say that I’ve been enjoying all the Christmas posts from the Geneabloggers.  While I haven’t had time to do the daily blogging on the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories, it gave me a great idea. My mother has always talked about her family and the things they did while she was growing up, but I don’t know one thing about my Dad’s Christmases.

I took those blog suggestions and interviewed my father, on camera.  It was awesome!!!  The interview went great, and it prompted me to go back and look through some of my grandmothers photo’s for Christmases past.  Prepare for picture overload.

First, the men would eat. That’s Uncle James back there grinning like a Cheshire Cat.  Oscar is on the right, and on the left looking at the back of Uncle Doc’s head, and my grandfather on the right, Earl’s head.  But lookout fella’s, I think Ruby was hungry and didn’t want to wait.   Looks like she’s just going to grab it right from the bowl.

Since you guys seem to be in no hurry, the girls are going to stand behind you and try to send you secret mind signals to get up from the table so they can get your food. Mary Helen, Ruby, and Lou Jane, are going to burn a bald spot on the back of your heads Oscar and Audie with their x-ray eyes!  And, they think it’s funny!

See, I told you!!  The men cleared a path and Aunt Sis moved right in!  Follow her ladies, like Mary Helen did.  Lou Jane is on the left explaining to Audie how long it will take for the hair to cover the spot on the back of his head, and Major and Doc weren’t fazed at all.  You gotta bring it better than that girls, to get them outta the food!  I think Earl might be scared though, he’s watching Lou Jane hoping she won’t zap him next.

Mittie Lou runs in and says, “If I kiss you Daddy will you get up and let me have some food?” By the look on his face, I would say it’s about to be your turn girls!  Uncle Doc is about to take his last bite anyway!

Way to go Ladies!!  Glad you got your turn.  I mean you deserve it, after all the hard work preparing the food, you should get to eat.  I hope it was still warm after those slow pokey men.

Now that the eating is over with, how about “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree” for a while.  We gotta work this food off!!

Lou Ann says “Enough of this, let’s do gifts!!”

Nedra’s a little overwhelmed by all the gifts, so I think she is going to call some folks in for some help.

Pat and Billy are not sure what’s up with the adults, I mean for real, cut the chit chat and let’s start ripping some paper!!  Audie, Rhodean, Uncle Doc, and Grandpa Major and Big Momma Mollie are just waiting for someone to hand them out!

Aunt Sis to the rescue again.  She’s gotta keep it moving, keep those gifts flowing people!!

Ok children, you have waited long enough.  The surprise guest is about to make his appearance.  But be warned, I think the snow at the North Pole is really bright, cause Santa, I mean the surprise guest, looks like he’s been baking in a tanning bed, and we all know you didn’t have those back in the day!

“Ho! Ho! Ho!  I hope I brought someone some Aloe Vera, cause I need you to re-gift it back to me.  My face is burned.  Maybe it’s from the glare on the snow, or the wind from my fast flying reindeer’s, but seriously, I need a volunteer.  Who wants to rub some Aloe Vera on my face?”

“Now wait just a minute lady, you don’t have to jump in that fella’s lap, and there’s no need to hold me back.  Ole’ Santy will get Mrs. Santy to do it later.  We gotta get this party moving anyway!”

“Well little lady, I think Burton Hillis said it right when he said ‘The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”

So that is how my Dad spent his Christmas when he was growing up.  And by the way, the picture right above, that young man to the left of Santy is my Dad, Rufus Higginbotham.  My Mom is sitting next to him.  She was Mary Helen Parks at the time.

Here they are again, my parents:

And here’s my Dad with his cousin Ruby:

I have such a nice looking family.  I bet they had some really good times on Christmas Eve.  I know I did.

Here is me with my grandmother Edna:

And here’s my grandmother many years later.  She had eyes as blue as the sky.  I love her and miss her.

So there’s my walk down Christmas memory lane.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures.  I know I did, and if I hadn’t interviewed Dad, I would have never thought about looking for his photo’s or learning about his Christmas traditions.


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