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Wordless Wednesday – Pictures from my Cousin Karen Ball Cowan

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Last week I went to Texarkana and spent some time with Karen Ball Cowan, my mother’s first cousin.  This was very exciting to me because there just aren’t many people on my mother’s side that I can sit and talk about her side of the family with.

Karen’s father, Sam Ball (whom I called Uncle Son) and my grandmother Mary Parks, (whom I called Poo) were brother and sister.

My grandmother Poo moved in with us when I was just 7 years old and lived there with us for the rest of the time.  She died in 2007 and she is very special to me, so to be able to sit and talk with someone else that knew her was such a joy.

Karen brought out all of the pictures that she had from her mother and father and she was kind enough to let me bring them home so I could scan all of them.

Today I am going to share some of the great pictures that she had of some of my ancestors and family members and tomorrow or the next day, I will share with you some great pictures that she had of my Uncle Son from his time during WWII.

I can’t go wordless, I mean who can?  I’ve already blown that with all the above so I’ll try list just a few words to go along with these pictures.

This first picture is my great grand Aunt Smithia Smelser Anderson Norman, my 3rd great-grandfather Judge Alfred Gatewood Hoskins, and my great-grandmother Henri Wever “Wevie” Anderson Ball.

Smithie Anderson, Judge Hoskins, Wevie Anderson

These girls are the great-grandchildren of Judge Hoskins, #1 is Anna Wever Lanier, #2 is Eddie Eubank Burnett Chance , #3 is Wevie Anderson Ball, #4 is Smithia Anderson Norman, #5 is Lela Wever Sutton.

1 Anna Wever Lanier 2 Eddie Eubank 3 Wevie Anderson Ball 4 Smithia Anderson Norman 5 Lela Wever Sutton

This is my great grandmother Wevie Anderson Ball with her father, my 3rd great-grandfather John E. Anderson.

Wevie Anderson and JE Anderson

The back of this picture said Daisy and Wevie, so I’m guessing that this is Daisy Missildine with Wevie Anderson Ball.  I love their hats!

Daisy Missildine and Wevie Anderson Ball

I love this picture, it’s so romantic.  Bye and Wevie Ball, my great grandparents going for a boat ride.

Bye and Wevie Ball

Here they are on another boat, I wonder what they were reading?

Wevie and Bye Ball

Talk about peer pressure!!  Here is Wevie pouring some drink down a poor girl.  Bye is right next to her helping and I don’t know who the other people are in the picture.

Wevie Ball holding bottle Bye Ball next to her rest unknownI just love the old bathing suits!  I guess they were playing chicken?  I wonder who won!  Bye and Wevie are on the left and I don’t know the other couple and how about the lady in the back ground out in the water.  I love this picture.

Bye and Wevie Ball on left other couple unknown

This is my great grandfather, Sam H. Ball, Sr.  aka Bye Ball.

Bye Ball

Here is really good picture of Bye and Wevie Ball.  I wish I knew when it was taken, they look a little older in this picture.

354 - Bye and Wevie Ball

I like this picture of Bye Ball and Ann Waggoner Burch his granddaughter, because of all the pictures I have seen of Bye Ball, this is the only one of him actually smiling!  He must have been really happy for Ann.

Ann Waggoner Burch and Bye Ball

This is one of my favorite pictures that Karen had, it’s my Uncle Son all gangster.

Sam Ball Jr

I loved all the wedding pictures she had of Uncle Son and Aunt Melba, (Sam Ball Jr and Melba Reynolds Ball), but these are two of my favorites.

Sam Ball Jr and Melba Reynolds Ball Wedding Picture

Melba and Sam Ball Jr

What a handsome couple!

Karen had several clippings announcing their wedding and in the clipping was a beautiful picture of Melba and Karen also had the original picture so here it is:

Melba Reynolds Ball

This family picture of the Ball family was my favorite.  I can’t help but think Sammy looks like Brendan Fraser did in that movie “Blast From The Past”.  Is it just me or do you think so too?

Uncle Son Sam Ball Jr Aunt Melba Ball Karen Ball Cowan and Sammy Ball III

And lastly, for this post anyway because I have a lot more favorites, is a picture of Sammy and Karen.  I just love this picture.

Sammy and Karen Ball

Thank you Karen for sharing all these photos with me!


Veteran’s Day

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Field of Heroes at Cleburne Co. Courthouse in Heber Springs Arkansas

This picture is from the Field of Heroes at the Cleburne County Court House in Heber Springs, Arkansas.  What a nice way to honor our veterans.  Each flag has a tag on it with the name of the person who served with information about them on the tag.  They are taking the flags down today in a ceremony and the family will get to keep the flag.  I wish I had known about this in time to get a flag or two.  Of course if I honored every one in my family that served I would have gone broke.

I am very proud to say that there have been many of my family members that have served our country.

My husband, John Reynolds.

My father-in-law Al Reynolds, a cousin Erby Harris, and a cousin Harry Short, all of whom served in Vietnam.

My grandfather William John Parks, my great-uncle “Son” Sam Ball, my great-uncle Sonny Cowan, a cousin Hubert Aaron (gave his life), and a cousin Walter Harris who all served during World War II.

Four of my 2nd great grandfather’s served during the war between the states;  Rufus F. Higginbotham, Francis H. Williams (head wound), John D. Parks, and Kennedy Wade Ball (leg wound).

I even have an ancestor that served in the Indian Creek War, Sanford Higginbotham and one who served in the American Revolution, Thomas Bullard.

Others that have served are my cousin Gary Higginbotham, my cousin Lauren McKeehan, a nephew (still serving) Matthew Nold, a niece Jennifer Nold Bohannon, and many, many friends.

I’m sure I have accidentally left someone off the list.  If I did, please forgive me, they deserve recognition as well and please leave their name in the comment section below so I can keep our family list updated.

Some of the people I listed are long gone, and some are still here protecting our freedom.  I’d like to thank each and every one of them for their service.

I would also like to thank every service man and woman.  You are all heroes.  May God bless you.

As Elmer Davis once said, “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”

Military Monday – Using Fold3.com

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Yes, I’m still here.  Barely though.  I’ve been fighting a case of the shingles and let’s just say that I haven’t felt like doing much of anything but scratching lately.

I’ll be doing several posts over the next few days to catch you all up on what’s been going on around here.  Also, my one year blog anniversary is coming up and you should really keep checking back because I will be doing a give-a-way to celebrate!

One thing I have been working on while being sick is getting my paperwork together to become a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Yes, I’m totally crazy to have taken on such a task while being sick, but honestly I have been working for two years to get the paperwork I needed and so the last month has just been about tying up loose ends.

Loose ends which Fold3.com enabled me to tie up from the comfort of my home so I didn’t have to spread the shingles out to the nice people at the History Commission.  I know they are grateful.  🙂

For my Daughters of the American Revolution application, I have been working on documenting my lineage up to Thomas Bullard, my 5th great-grandfather, a private in Capt. Sharps Co. 10th Regiment, as I mentioned in this post here.  I was able to find all the documentation I needed about his role in the American Revolution on Fold3.com.

This is just one of the many pages of his service record, and pension files that they have on their website.

For my United Daughters of the Confederacy Application, I have been working on documenting my lineage up to Kennedy Wade Ball,  my 2nd great-grandfather, a Commissary Sgt. with the 11th Texas Cavalry who was wounded by a member of his own company on May 9th, 1862 in action near Farmington, Mississippi during the war between the states.

Oh, how do I know this??

Why, thanks for asking!  Fold3.com of course!

I found all his muster rolls, the casualty list of the wounded and dead from the action near Farmington, Mississippi and his wifes widow’s pension, all on Fold3.com

Here is the casualty report that lists him.  Totally never expected to find anything like this.

Page 2 Conf Casulty Reports Kennedy Wade Ball

By the way, I’m totally not affiliated with Fold3.com nor am I getting paid to make this post. I’m just totally happy about the fact that being at home sick, I was still able to obtain much-needed paperwork without leaving the house.

It’s a win/win situation for me and the people at the History Commission, right??


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D-Day Hero – Captain Sam H. Ball, Jr.

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That’s my Great Uncle Son, Captain Sam H. Ball, Jr. receiving from Gen. Sir Bernard L. Montgomery himself the Distinguished Service Order of Great Britain in a field in Normandy.

Uncle Son was among the first of those who washed ashore on D-Day despite being fired upon by the waiting Germans. His mission was to clear underwater obstacles on the beach during the landing. Half his men failed to land and 25 percent of those who did, were casualties. Those who were left, rallied around Uncle Son as he reorganized the company and led them into the assault.

In a letter home to his parents, Bye and Wevie Ball he stated, “I am very happy to still be moving around. We were the assault engineers on the beaches of France. We came in as assault forces, so you see we were first. Whatever you picture was true. Our job was to demolish the beach obstacles, which we did. We did a beautiful job. I am sure proud of my company. When they said, ‘War is hell,’ they sure said a mouthful. You know it’s a funny feeling when you get off a boat and are being shot at with machine and rifle fire. Sure, we were scared. A man who is not is crazy. They they start throwing mortar and 88s at you. It’s not good for your health. Believe it or not, I didn’t even get a scratch, but my pants were sure being fanned by a machine gun.”

Then in November of 1944, he added the Bronze Star to his medals.

This is a picture of Uncle Son, with his wife Melba on his right, and my grandmother Mary Parks his sister, on his left.

My grandmother was always so proud of him. Up until the day she moved out of our house and into the assisted living center, she had a copy of his DSO hanging on her wall. She told any and every one who would listen, all about it.

I’m so thankful I didn’t let her toss all this stuff out, and I’m happy to let you know my Uncle Son was a great man. He was always kind to me and I consider it a privilege that I knew him. He was a true hero to me, and to our country.

You may be gone from this earth Uncle Son, but you are certainly not forgotten.


Wedding Wednesday – Bill and Mary Parks

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This is the telegram that maternal grandfather, Bill Parks sent to his father, J.T. Parks after he and my grandmother Mary Ball eloped.

One of the few stories that my grandmother Mary told me about was her elopement. I asked her one day how she met my grandfather, and she told me. I don’t remember how or where she met him, because I was so excited about the rest of the story, that I forgot the part of where or how they met.

She told me that Bill told her the very first time they met that he was going to marry her, and two weeks later they eloped.

They went to Marshall, Texas and got married.

Bill and Mary Ball Parks' Marriage License

On the way back, she got scared because she told me her father was very strict, so she went back home to her parents and tried to pretend that nothing had happened for two whole days.

My grandfather Bill had enough of this, he wanted his wife! He came and got her, and they lived happily ever after.

According to her, anyway. I do believe her. They always seemed happy when I was around them.

This is my grandparents, and my mother just a couple of years after they were married.  They were on vacation at the Grand Canyon.

Mary, Mary Helen and Bill Parks

By the way, this is the grandmother that was going to throw all her photos and memorabilia away when she went into the nursing home, but instead gave them all to me. I’m so glad she did, because now I have this telegram to go along with the story she told!

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