Joseph Mitchell

Joseph Mitchell
b: 1791
d: 1861
  • 1791 - Birth - ; North Carolina, USA
  • 1861 - Death - ; Lafayette (Now Miller) County, Arkansas, USA
Joseph Mitchell
1791 - 1861
Cosby Ann Geraldene Workman
1850 - 17 May 1931
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Wesley Mitchell
Birth1849Logan, Logan, West Virginia, United States
Death1885 Cabin Creek, Kanawha, West Virginia, United States
Marriageto Cosby Ann Geraldene Workman
PARENT (F) Cosby Ann Geraldene Workman
Birth1850Raleigh, Raleigh, West Virginia, United States
Death17 May 1931 Oak Hill, Fayette, West Virginia, United States
Marriageto John Wesley Mitchell
MJoseph Mitchell
Birth1791North Carolina, USA
Death1861Lafayette (Now Miller) County, Arkansas, USA
Marriageto Sarah Lnu
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Joseph Mitchell
Birth1791North Carolina, USA
Death1861 Lafayette (Now Miller) County, Arkansas, USA
Marriageto Sarah Lnu
FatherJohn Wesley Mitchell
MotherCosby Ann Geraldene Workman
PARENT (F) Sarah Lnu
Death1861 Lafayette (Now Miller) County. Arkansas, USA
Marriageto Joseph Mitchell
MJacob Mitchell
Birth1817South Carolina, United States
Death20 Nov 1877Arkansas, United States
Marriageto Angelette Pierce Hodnett
FSarah Mitchell
Birth1832South Carolina, USA
MJoseph Sanford Mitchell
Birth1834Newton, Georgia, USA
Descendancy Chart
Joseph Mitchell b: 1791 d: 1861
Sarah Lnu b: 1792 d: 1861
Jacob Mitchell b: 1817 d: 20 Nov 1877
Angelette Pierce Hodnett b: Mar 1842 d: 1905
Sarah P. Mitchell b: 16 Jan 1856 d: 27 Oct 1947
John M. G. Green b: 18 Mar 1844 d: 01 Feb 1898
Nancy E. Green b: 1878
Emmet Green b: Apr 1880 d: 02 Aug 1900
Andrew Green b: Jun 1887
Jesse Green b: Apr 1893 d: 30 Jun. 1972
Newton Green b: Sep 1882 d: 11 Mar 1906
Andy Green b: Jun 1887
Enoch P. Green b: Dec 1890 d: 05 Jul. 1961
Andrew G Green b: 05 May 1872 d: 1984
Arthur R. Green b: 04 May 1884 d: 01 May 1927
Hettie L. Porier b: 8 Oct 1890 d: 22 Aug 1977
Brozie Newton Green b: 29 Jul 1909 d: 21 Feb 1976
Curtis Ralph Green, Sr. b: 14 Jul 1907 d: 29 Oct 1995
Zettie M Green b: 14 Oct 1911 d: 12 Jul 1992
Ruby Pauline Green b: 03 Aug 1913 d: 15 Feb 2005
Francis Milton Higginbotham b: 19 Oct 1909 d: 29 Dec 1956
Nancy E Mitchell b: 23 Feb 1864 d: 22 Aug 1888
Annie P. Mitchell b: 06 Apr 1869 d: 26 Aug 1957
Joseph Mitchell b: 1854
Sarah Mitchell b: 1832
Joseph Sanford Mitchell b: 1834 d: 1910

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  1. Hi Susie. I do not show a John Wesley in my tree. I show Joseph Mitchell’s kids as: Jacob b c 1817 in SC, Marmaduke b c 1824 in GA, Sarah b c 1832 in GA and Joseph Sanford b 1/31/1834 in Newton GA. Marmaduke was interesting because he just dropped off the face of the earth after 1850. He married Paulina Pope Bacon and had 4 kids; Sarah, Georgina, Martha and Mary Lou.b 10-4-1855 in Bossier Parish. Mary Lou shows up as a foster child to Benjamin Bryan and his wife Minerva Root in Webster Parish. These folks are not relatives, they are Methodists (not Baptists or Presbyterians), and do not live in the same parish as Marmaduke and the other Mitchells. When I tracked the Bryans back, they are associated with the Wychs and a large Mitchell line in Stewart GA. Mary Lou married Stephen Life Cole in 1877 in Minden, Webster, LA. As I recall one of the Bryans was elected to represent all the Confederate soldiers after the war. He must have been a good talker. I have not connected ANY earlier Mitchells directly to Joseph Mitchell from NC, including that line in Stewart, GA. FTDNA has matched one Mitchell line that went to Livingston KY circa 1770-1790 and later on to MO. As it turns out, Joseph is r1b1 P25, so the genetic line predates the Scot Modal and Irish Modal R1b haplogroups ….. and all the other ones too! Steve

  2. And I also notice that Joseph Mitchell 1791 NC parents were born about 60 years AFTER Joseph.

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