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Jimmy Clyde Stanley

Jimmy Clyde Stanley was born July 30, 1933 in Ida, Louisiana to Clyde Henry and Mamie Martin Stanley.  He was the first of six children and easily accepted the role of big brother to the rest of us.  He was a mover and a shaker before his time; meaning he was often the instigator of the antics of his two brothers and me (our two other sisters came along much later).  Mostly he was the one that was the most daring of the group, such as the time he wanted to be Captain Marvel.  He draped himself in one of Mother’s tablecloths to use as a cape, climbed the roof of our garage and bailed off thinking he could fly! Luckily the only thing broken was his pride and he lived to dream up some other new adventure.

Jim (also nicknamed Coot or Pete) attended school in Bivins, Texas prior to our moving to Atlanta, Texas.  In Bivins he was in a school play and in Atlanta he was an Atlanta Rabbit (football team) member.

Jim, High School

He first worked as a life guard at the Atlanta public swimming pool and later at Meyers’ Department Store.   His outgoing personality, smile, and the ability to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge was well suited for his occupation of sales or public relations with the exception of a few years he spent working in the oilfields in Odessa and Ganado, Texas.  While working in Odessa he received a good samaritan award from the Texas Highway Department for assisting someone in need.  Following that he served as district manager for American Built Homes in Texarkana, and Baton Rouge. Later in the Houston area he owned his own construction and remodeling business.

Jim’s first marriage was to Mildred Eva Howard of Texarkana.  They were married on November 21, 1952.  Prior to their divorce in January 1980 they became parents of Brenda Jane, Jimmy Lanier, Eva Carol and Scott Howard.  Eva Carol died at birth.

While he and Mildred, who had now changed her name to Toni, were living in the Nassau Bay, Texas area he learned to love boating.  Below are photos of a couple of his boats appropriately named the Phoni-Toni.

Jim's BoatPhoniToniII

In March of 1980 Jim remarried Patsy Jean Miller.  Jim’s new brother-in-law was an owner of Evangeline Downs in Opelousas, Louisiana and also owned an oil refinery in Venezuela.  He soon became general manager of the track and Commissioned Deputy Sheriff for Acadia Parish form 1988-1992.  He often traveled to Venezuela on business.

Jim Stanley's Acadia Parish Deputy Sheriff Commission

Jim Stanley's Passport

Jim married a third time to Denise Milsap and lived in Mobile, Mississippi for a while. No children were born of the second or third marriages.

He was a true Leo with a zest for life, warm spirit, confident, generous and loyal. He loved the finer things in life such as clothes, cars, boats and beautiful women. However a good joke or a heated game of Rook with his mother against other family members, were also indulgences he enjoyed. He was most generous with his parents and loved to take them out to dine or for a day on the bay in one of his boats.

The two greatest pleasures in his life were his children and grandchildren. He was giving, loving, and always there for them.

Jim passed away on March 1, 2009 of complications from Myasthenia Gravis and is buried in Vivian, Louisiana along- side his parents.

Happy Birthday, Brother! We still miss you!

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3 comments on “JIMMY CLYDE STANLEY: JULY 30, 1933-MARCH 1, 2009

  1. Even if BJ and Dad never married, the state of Tx. Saw it that way. BJ was an incredible
    human being.always loving, pulled him together as a family again. Before she died, he looked at me and said this loss will be harder on me than anyone. We all miss her.
    Thanks for what you do, Kookie. Love always, Bren

    • I know she was a wonderful person, but since I couldn’t document a marriage, I chose to omit her. I hope I haven’t hurt your feelings. It certainly wasn’t my intent. Love and think of you often. Kookie

  2. Well Jim was a Big Brother to me even before I was born. My parents,Clyde and Mamie Stanley lived in the country when she was pregnant with me so I’m told. Daddy asked Jim to delay his trip to a Baseball Camp for semi-pros (I think), and stay home until Mother delivered me. Then he and others told me had had wanted to name me Valerie…cool, but that didn’t happen. Not sure who over-rode that decision, but I would have loved Valerie–since Valentines is my favorite holiday. So when Jim and Mildred had their first child a year later, then I was an Aunt! Growing up with Kitty and his 3 kids, Tommy’s Marty, and Charles’ Terri and Tami then Kookie’s Steve and Kelly was the bomb! We always had nieces and nephews around. Brenda, his beautiful daughter was thrown into bed with Kit and I for Sleep-Overs. Jim, as Kookie has stated about him, loved fun, entertaining others, and family get togethers. One Sunday he took us, (Mother, Daddy, Kitty and I) out in his large boat. We were in the Gulf or close to Clear Lake, Texas when it got dark and the huge phosphorus glow of the plankton in the water was a gorgeous spectacle we never forgot. He loved that he could show us that special show of nature. He took us to Astros games in the then NEW Astrodome in Houston. He took Mom and Dad to the A.J. Foyt nightclub in downtown Houston that was all racecar decor, of course. He loved going to the Galleria or other downtown 4 Star hotels for New Years Eve celebrations and would invite me to go. He delighted in “treating” you to some new experience or new memory to share. His great smile could make anybody’s day better. When he would call me through the years on the phone, he would say, “Hey Beautiful” and I was instantly hooked. He may have said that to others too, most likely he did, but he had a way of making you BELIEVE IT, and I loved it. It was so cool to here him laugh and tease with Mother and Daddy while playing the card game ROOK. Well, one day soon I’m going to have a White Russian in his honor. And thank him for all he showed me/taught me about loving life. Judy

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