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Harvey Samuel Gingles married Ella Mae Daniel in 1910.  Of this marriage there were twelve children. Seven of their sons served in the military along with one daughter; however one son, Claude Norris, is the subject of today’s Military Monday.  Claude Norris, or Buster as he was called, was born October 22, 1911 in Elberton, Georgia.


Claude Norris (Buster) Gingles


Buster served both in the U. S. Army and the U. S. Air Force. In the Army Infantry in World War II he served in Germany.  In the Air Force he was a fireman.  Between the two branches of the military  he spent twenty-one years in service retiring as a Staff Sergeant.  Other locations he was station at included Camp Stewart, Georgia, Panama, the Philippine Islands, Reese AFB Texas,  Columbus AFB in Mississippi, Roswell AFB in New Mexico Gary AFB in Texas and Barksdale AFB in Louisiana.

On December 8, 1939 Buster married Buena Gladys Martin Hanson, a young widow with three children; James Kenneth Hanson, Myrtle Virginia Hanson and Billy Noel Hanson.  Three Gingles children, Roy Claude, Ella Pearl and Robert Dale were born to Buster and Gladys.  As often happens while in the military, Buster was on away duty when Claude and Ella were born.  Robert Dale died at birth.

Gladys died in the Barksdale Hospital at the age of fifty-one.  Four years later Buster married Phonelle Lynch Hanson, the ex-wife of his step-son, James Kenneth Hanson.

Buster Gingles 1990

Claude Norris Gingles passed away on March 31, 2006 and was buried with full military rites by the Barksdale Air Force Base Honor Guard at Centuries Memorial Cemetery in Shreveport, Louisiana.





  1. Great story on Buster! I don’t think I know, or ever heard of anyone that has served in two different branches of the military! Very appreciative of his service! That’s amazing to me.

    • Thanks, Susie. Actually Buster isn’t the only member of the Martin clan that served in both as I have a cousin that did also. I may do a post on him later. As you know, I prefer to have documentation (rather than first hand knowledge) and on Buster and my cousin I have not been able to do that. My problem is that it is impossible to locate Air Force records! Any suggestions?

  2. was there a brother or step-brother leonard posibly by another woman sorry if sore subject just can never find much info past grandpa but i know there was a sister pearl and a robert and the resembance of claude to that of mine and grampas well i had to ask

    • About all I can offer you is what I obtained from the book Ida 2000 about the town/residents/history of Ida, Louisiana. It states that Harvey Samuel Gingles b 2891 in Georgia married Ella Mae Daniel b 1891 in 1910.They moved to Ida in 1925, buying a house and 1/2 acre for $500. They were Baptists and Mr. Gingles farmed. Their children were Addie Leona, Claude Norris (m Gladys Hanson), Annie Louise (m Lindley Carl Smith), Thomas Herman (m Helen Louise Akes), Thelma Ann (m Willie Adolph Suetlik), Sabra Mae (m Delbert Owen), John Mark (m Sarah Gerkins), Robert Edgar (m Elsie Caston), Harris O’Neal (m Marie Stelly), George Elmer (m Willie Kathrene Norment), Joyce Ellen, Billy Ray (m Mary Jane Rogers). All the Gingles boys served their country in the armed forces and Joyce served in the Army.

      Claude, known as Buster, married my mother’s sister, Gladys Martin Hanson. As far as your questions, I can’t be of much help since I have never heard of Leonard, Pearl and Robert other than the name of Robert Edgar being listed as a child of Harvey Samuel and Ella Mae. I don’t recall of my mother or Aunt Gladys ever mentioning the step brother, Leonard.

      I would be interested to know if there is a connection. If so, would you let me know?

  3. Harvey Samuel Gingles (my uncle) and Ella Mae Daniel Gingles’ first child, Addie Leona Gingles, was stillborn in Elbert Co., GA and is buried in Van’s Creek Baptist Church Cemetery at Ruckersville, GA just outside of Elberton.

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