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Steve and Kelly Hemperley

May I take the liberty of introducing you to my children?  Steven Cue is four in this photo and Kelly Anne Hemperley Brown is two.  Fifty years later they look a lot like they did then except Steve has less hair and Kelly has more!

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  1. These two were absolutely the best kids ever! They were always so sweet and grateful. This photo of them was made when I was 14. It was a great time to be an aunt! Because Kitty and I had the privilege of spending summers with them, and lot of other good times. Too many good memories to even list! Holidays, vacations, family meals, (which sometimes consisted of massive amounts of Lucky Charms, Cheerios and Sugar Crisps). They had all the old school toys and we even painted one bedroom of theirs TANGERINE. We learned to water ski together, to play games together and to love each other’s smiles and dreams. We used to drive up to Kookie and Don’s house after a long drive from wherever we were living–but whether near or far, we would all be jumping up and down for joy to see each other. A real love fest! I was ten years older than Steve, ten years younger than Kookie. PERFECT. The 4 of them, Kookie, Don, Steve & Kelly made a huge impact on my life, and still continue to even now.

    • We were all so young then! Actually because Don and I were so young, I feel like we were all kids and grew up at the same time you and the kids did. It was great fun and the memories we made, I will always cherish!

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