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Tombstone Tuesday – John D. and Jane M. (Triggs) Parks

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This is the headstone of my 2nd great-grandparents, John D. Parks and Jane Matilda (Triggs) Parks. They are buried in Old Cypress Cemetery, in Willow, Arkansas.

John D and Jane M Parks Headstone

John D and Jane M Parks Headstone

Tombstone Tuesday – John Marion Key

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All day today I have been working on my husband’s genealogy, so I thought I would share the headstone of his great-grandfather, John Marion Key.  This is who my husband, John Marion Reynolds, was named after.

John Marion Key Headstone

John Marion Key Headstone

John Marion Key is buried in the Sardis Cemetery in Pine Grove, Dallas Co., Arkansas.

Tombstone Tuesday – Rev. Francis Hereford Williams

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Rev. Francis Hereford Williams Headstone

Rev. Francis Hereford Williams Headstone

So, you all know my obsession with all things FHW, right? I refer to him all the time as FHW because I was saying his full name out loud everytime I spoke of him, and this totally cracked up Kookie and Cheri. So, now it’s just FHW.

FHW is my 2nd great-grandfather, and forget the Dos Equis guy, FHW is the most mysterious man on earth.


I have written about him before here and here, and yes I didn’t finish my series of posts on him, but I do plan on getting back to it.  He’s just so complicated.  I never found his death date, Kookie did  (Thank you Kookie, I love you!!!!)  after we had searched for a long time. He died on Dec 16, 1917 per his death certificate.  Then after we found his death certificate, I ran down to the Arkansas History Commission and found his obituary, and it was for sure him!

Rev. FH Williams Obituary

Rev. FH Williams Obituary

What does all of this have to do with the above headstone you say? It says, H.J. Williams, and I keep referring to him as FHW.

Well, everything! Don’t you know?

Every bit of information I get about FHW just fuels more mystery and confusion.

You see, it is a known family FACT (ok, you know the truth about family facts right?) that FHW at some point changed his name, and I have several letters where his daughter, my great-grandmother Dona Williams Higginbotham tried desperately to find his family and real name, but to no avail.

And every time I mentioned to my brother Butch that I couldn’t find FHW’s headstone, he would say, well I know right where it is. Grandma Higginbotham took me there and showed it to me. We tried several times to get together and go to Texarkana and find it, but our schedules never matched up and we just didn’t make it.

Then a few days before Christmas last, Butch gave me the best Christmas present EVER.

He happened to be in Texarkana and sent me this photo of FHW’s headstone, and several other photos of FHW or HJW’s headstone. (I just have to brag here, he sent me photos of other relatives in the cemetery that I didn’t know about!!  Thanks Butch, I love you!!!!) The death date matched up, and I can find no records on a HJW dying on that day in Texarkana.

Butch, walked right into the cemetery, Woodlawn Cemetery in Texarkana, right where he remembered it was, and there it was, the headstone you see above.

Now, is H.J. simply a mistake on the headstone? I think so.

Is it possible Dona found out his real name?  Maybe.

But with FHW, you never know!

He is after all, the most mysterious man on earth.

Ok, technically I realize, he isn’t on earth anymore. But, his spirit lives on in me and I shall conquer this mystery.

Oh, Oh, Oh,  I got it!  He’s the most mysterious brick wall on earth!

Ok, I’ve lost it now, so peace out.

Tombstone Tuesday – Sharon Dean (Frey) Cole

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Justin Cole at Sharon Cole's grave

This is my oldest son Justin Cole, at the grave of his paternal grandmother, Sharon D. (Frey) Cole. We had not seen her grave since she had been buried and last year when we went to Clinton, Arkansas so Justin and Knucklehead could get baptized at Sharon’s church, we went by the cemetery for a visit.

Sharon and Justin Christmas 1993

Sharon and Justin Christmas 1993

I have some other pictures of Sharon, but I don’t have them scanned in. This photo was taken Christmas of 1993 right after Justin was born. She came for a visit and never put Justin down.

I will always remember Sharon with great fondness. She loved her children and grandchildren and most importantly, she loved God. Everything she did or said, shined through her love of God and his word. She was always praying angels around our cars and would pray until we were home safe after coming to visit her. I figure the only reason my car works good without her praying over it now is because she’s the angel around the car!

Tombstone Tuesday – John T. Davis and Jemima Jane Bullard Davis

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This is me with the headstones of my 3rd great-grandparents, John Thomas Davis, and Jemima Jane Bullard Davis.  It was beautiful day when cousin Nedra Harris Turney took me to Harmony Grove Cemetery in Miller County, Arkansas.

Me with Jemima and John Davis headstone

I love this picture of Nedra with the headstones!

Nedra with John and Jemima Davis Headstone

This is a photo of what the layout of the plot looks like.

Jemima John Davis Cemetery Plot

I got a good close up of each one so the dates would be readable. This is the headstone of John T. Davis.

John Davis Headstone

This is a picture that cousin Billy Boykin has of John Davis.

John T Davis

This is the headstone of Jemima Jane Bullard Davis.

Jemima J Davis Headstone

This is a tin type that cousin Marilyn Metcalf Huber had of Jemima Davis. I think she must be pregnant in this photo from the way she is holding her belly.

Jemima Bullard Davis


You can read more about the Davis/Askin children here on Wednesday’s Child – Davis/Askin Children.  You can see their headstone in the plot picture above.

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