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RIP – Gary Higginbotham

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Oh boy, this is a hard one to write.  My Dad’s first cousin Gary Higginbotham passed away last night from a heart attack.  I don’t even have the words right now to describe what Gary meant to me.   He was my buddy, and I loved him so dearly.  My heart will have an empty hole in it forever more.

Please pray for Bessie his wife, and their children and grandchildren.  It will be tough days ahead.

Bessie and Gary Higginbotham

Bessie and Gary Higginbotham

Remember our deal, Gary, and I’ll see you when I see you.

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Around the Compound – Fly By’s

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I thought I would share this video with you my brother John Higginbotham made.  I’m always referring to our place as the compound and in this video you will see why.  My brother has a helicopter and using GoPro’s he filmed our area.  My nephew William Higginbotham is playing the piano, and later in the video my brother John is playing the guitar.  I’m totally impressed and hope you will be too.

You can see my house around 1:10 in the video.  He comes up from behind my barn and chicken coops and then flies over the house and the next house is his.  When he flies over my parents house, they are surrounded by so many trees you can’t see much but he flies over comes over his pond and around the highway back around the other side of Dad’s property and you can then see his row of Bradford Pear trees.

To give you an idea of the layout of the land, I labeled this shot taken from his video.

The Compound

Awesome video John, thanks for letting me share it.

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Yesterday was one of the most AWESOME days EVER in my family history world.

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Wanna know why? First, I received the DNA kit in the mail from, got Mom to do her spitting in the tube, and got it back in the mail! Can’t wait to see how her results compare to mine. Then, I received a disc in the mail with a lot of genealogy information on it from my 3rd cousin, Jim Dawson.

This jewel of a picture was among the documents.

Kenady Wade Ball Family Photo

Kenady Wade Ball Family Photo

Standing, left to right: Samuel Hartwell “Bye” Ball, Venetia Juanita “Nyta” (Ball) Barrow. Sitting, left to right: James David “Dave” Ball, Kenady Wade Ball, Venetia Clarissa (Smith) Ball. Child in the lap of Kenady is Mamie Hoskins (Ball) Destree, and the child standing is Henrie Venetia (Ball) Payne, both are daughters of John Franklin Ball, son of Kenady and Venetia Ball.

Since 2007, I have been hoping to find a picture of Kenady Wade Ball, my 2nd-great grandfather. I had pictures of his wife Venetia when she was older, but none of her at this age. It’s also really cool that my great-grandfather, Bye Ball is in the photo as well.

I wish I had a nickel for every person that told me there probably wasn’t a picture of him.

I say, “Never give up!”

You just don’t know what all of your cousins have information out there, and what they have.

P.S. I thought this blog post was already posted, but it never did, I found it in the drafts. So, it should have posted on the 22nd, which is why the post is dated like it is, but just posted today.  April 21st was actually the best day ever for my family history! 🙂

Wordless Wednesday – He’s A Cheeky Fella!

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This is my great Uncle Oscar Harris pinching the cheek of his son, Erby Harris. By the smile on Mary’s face (Erby’s wife) she must have thought this was hilarious. I know I do. I love the look on Erby’s face.

Erby looks like he’s thinking, “Yeah, whatever Pop!”

Oscar Harris, Mary Harris and Erby Harris

Oscar Harris, Mary Harris and Erby Harris

I can never go wordless! Thanks for sharing the photo Nedra!

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Tombstone Tuesday – Alice Magdalene (Harris) Chapman Griffin

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This is the headstone of my great Aunt Sis, as she was lovingly referred to. She was named Magdalene after her grandmother, Sarah Magdalene (Robertson) Davis. Aunt Sis was born 20 Jun 1911 and passed away on 9 Jun 1982. She was the daughter of Major and Mollie Harris.

She is buried in Chapelwood Cemetery, Texarkana, Texas.

Magdalene Griffin Headstone

Magdalene Griffin Headstone

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