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Find Me Friday – Unidentified Photos

I’ll be showcasing two photo’s from my collection this week that are unidentified.  If you recognize either of the people in these photos, please contact us and let us know.

Isn’t this a handsome fella?  Too bad we don’t know who he is!

This pretty lady is impatiently waiting for us to figure out who she is!

Find me Friday – Unidentified Photos

Having recently acquired two boxes of my grandfather Earl Higginbotham’s memorabilia from my Aunt Jane, I have come across so many pictures that have no names written on them, or names that I don’t recognize as family names.  Maybe they were friends, maybe distant relatives, who knows?  Someone out there just might, so I will be using Find Me Friday blog posts to showcase one or more of these photos in hopes that someone will identify them or just maybe, I can place a picture with a family member that previously didn’t have one.

This week I will showcase two photos.

This photo did not have any names on it.  I just love the way this lady is looking at the child in this photo.  Could this be my grandfather Earl with his mother Dona Higginbotham?  It’s so hard to tell since it’s mostly a side view of their faces.


This photo was also unidentified.  I suspect, or maybe I just want this lady to be, Earl’s maternal great-grandmother, Sallie Martin Pill.   There were two copies of this photo in the box.  There were also several letters from a cousin of Earl’s mother,  Mildred Dial Webb written to Dona’s mother, Mildred Martin Williams.  Mildred Webb spoke often of her grandmother in her letters to Mildred Williams.  I have no way of knowing for sure, and it’s purely speculation based on the letters.

If you recognize anyone in these photos, please let me know and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

~Susie Higginbotham Reynolds~

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