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New Records Added – Bowie County, Texas – Death Records 1910-1927

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If you are looking for someone who died in Bowie County, Texas between 1910 and 1927, this might be your lucky day. I have placed a digital copy of the courthouse book here:

Bowie Co., Texas - Death Records No. 2 1910-1927 Cover

Bowie County, Texas –  Death Records, 1910-1927

Good luck, I hope you find what you are looking for. If you do, feel free to save a copy of it.


Saving pictures from Trees

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Jane Thompson AKA Gordon

Name: Jane Thompson AKA Gordon
Arrested for: Thief
Arrested at: North Shields Police Station
Arrested on: 13th July 1904 Tyne and Wear Archives
ref: DX1388-1-35-Jane Thompson AKA Gordon
These images are a selection from an album of photographs of prisoners brought before the North Shields Police Court between 1902 and 1916 in the collection of Tyne & Wear Archives (TWA ref DX1388/1).  Image available on Flickr.

I thought it appropriate to start this post off with a vintage mug shot from 1904.  This poor lady, I have no idea if she was actually found guilty.   So if any of her descendants come across this picture, my apologies.

A distant cousin of mine recently confided in me that it had been brought to her attention that her pictures were being saved from her tree on to a certain person’s (thief) personal computer and then uploaded to that certain person’s (thief) tree as though the picture had generated from them(thief) in the first place.  She went to this certain person’s (thief) tree and counted no less that 96 of her pictures being done this way.

She (my cousin) wanted my opinion on how she should handle the situation and what I felt was the appropriate way to save photos.  It’s my opinion, if someone (my cousin) was kind enough to upload the picture in the first place to share, then the certain person (thief) that saved the picture to their computer, should have appropriately attached the original picture from her (cousin) tree to theirs (thief), and then saved it.  Leaving the link to the original picture.

I wonder if this certain person (thief) realizes that when you save a picture from someone’s tree – it tells them (my cousin).  Then when the certain person (thief) uploads the pictures to their tree, it sends the person that originally had the picture (my cousin) a shaky leaf, indicating a new picture has been found!  Really??  New?? Not so much…..

She emailed the certain person (thief), and got no response.  So she contacted Ancestry, and this was there response.

Thank you for your response. We appreciate your feedback and are committed to providing excellent customer service.
The following excerpt from our Community Guidelines within our Terms and Conditions is in reference to the agreement between the submitter of content and
Important Note: Any information you post in our community is public and can be copied, modified and distributed by others. By submitting or posting content in our community, you expressly grant Operations Inc. the rights set forth in the terms and conditions.”
We sincerely regret your frustration in this matter. Unfortunately, we have reviewed your request and have determined that this member has not violated our Terms and Conditions.  We will not intervene in this case. 

Shortly after this, the certain person (no longer a thief) did delete the pictures from their tree.

People, even though that is the policy of Ancestry, please be considerate of the source of the photos you are saving.  It’s ok to save them.  Just make sure if you are going to add them to your tree, give credit where credit is due.  You may be causing them to lose contact with another potential cousin.  Why not leave it on their tree, attach it to your tree, and then you both can have contact with the potential cousin.

Am I the only one that feels this way??  Please give me feedback on this, I would really like to hear some opinions on the matter.

In the meantime, after I get some health issues taken care of for my parents, I’m going to go back through my tree and make sure I have properly credited all my pictures to the person I scanned them from.  It’s possible as a newbie, I wasn’t so good at that.  I do know however, exactly who gave me what photo.  I kept very good records of that.  So many of the pictures I have, cousins let me scan and some are pictures I took, of pictures hanging on people’s walls, so I will know if those came from me, because no else has had access to those.  I’m curious to know if this has happened to any of my pictures.

Which brings another thought to mind, does anyone know how to properly Cite a scanned copy of a photo in Family Tree Maker??

Oh, and Jane Thompson aka Gordon, I am truly sorry to drag you into this matter.  I just thought it would be a really cool way to show people your awesome mug shot from over a hundred years ago, and I hope you weren’t found guilty and thrown in prison, and please note, I properly credited your picture.  Thank you, thank  you very much.


Spring has sprung on The Compound

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We just spent two days working out in the yard, cleaning up all the leaves from around the house and out of the flower beds.  We cleaned up around the pool and mowed the yard.  With all the brown leaves removed, the place sure brightened up.

Our House. My azaleas are beautiful. I love the pink! I just wish they would stay that way longer.

I'm standing by my front flower bed, and looking out to the left of my house. It's hard to see but Mom and Dad's house is snuggled up against the woods on the other side of those hills.

I called my mother and asked her to come look at my flower bed.  She helped me plant about 100 bulbs in it last fall.  Since she just lives right here, she came over on her mule.  No, not a real mule, a motorized mule.  Although we do have some of  those in the field behind my house, they belong to a neighbor.

Mom was happy as could be.  She has Alzheimer’s and every day becomes a bigger struggle for her.  For now, she still knows us and knows where she is but there is a definite decline in her short time memory.  In fact, probably by the time she got back home she forgot what she was even doing at my house.  It breaks my heart for her, but she is a trooper!!  She started waving and smiling about half way over here.

My Momma

There are no signs of the 60 tulip bulbs that I planted, but its still a little early for them.  I do have Iris’ and Garlic coming up.  I can’t wait until the blooms open up fully.

Garlic Bulb

Here’s my yellow bluebird house.  A bluebird flew out of it when I was working in the flower bed.  I wasn’t quick enough to get him on camera.  You can see my house behind it.

Bluebird house

Here comes my husband, he’s mulching up the last piles of leaves that I pulled out from the sides of the house.

The Hubs - see the blue bird house on the tree?? I love to have the birds around here.

And we can’t leave Ringo out, he loves to be outside when the weather is good.  He played out here all day.

Ringo Lizard

On the way back to the house, I dodged bees.  Lots of them, all over my azaleas.  But I didn’t dodge this beautiful butterfly.  He was really busy.




So, I’m worn out from the work, but it’s always rewarding to get the place looking nice and ready for summer.  I can’t wait until we open the pool.  That time will be here before you know it!



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Last year I hand wrote in a journal.  I didn’t write every day, but close enough that I knew that this year I didn’t want to do all that writing.  I have found I will write a lot more if I am typing it up.  I’m doing the “Project Life” scrapbook that Elise turned me on to, but I really don’t want to incorporate my private entries into a collection of photos that I will be sharing with family or friends.

I started out this year by typing my journal entries up in Evernote which was cool because I can do it no matter where I am, at home or out of town, because Evernote will sync with my computer.  However, that also means that anyone that uses my computer could have access to my journal.  It’s not that I mind really, I know someone will read it someday, and I hope they do.  It’s just I would like to have private thoughts for now, that are mine alone.  One downfall of typing them up is that since the journal isn’t beside my bed to remind me to write in it, I forget.  What can I say, I’m busy.  For me, out of sight means out of mind.

So I’ve been looking around for ideas and trying to think of the best way to do the journal, to make it easier for me.

I found that way today.  So simple I can’t believe I haven’t seen something like this before.  Here is the shot of the home screen:

Did I mention simple??  You can set up how often to receive an email, they send you an email and ask you “How was  your day?”  You reply to the email, and your email becomes an entry into your journal.  You can attach one picture if you like.   You can log on at any time and see your entries.  Oh, and it’s completely private.  No one will see your entries but you, and they won’t be published anywhere.

The only drawback I see is that to print out your entries, you export them to your computer as a text file.  All in one big whack.  Every entry and there is no way to specify what dates I’d like.  If I do this beyond this year, that could be a problem because I’d like to be able print out just this years entries in a somewhat formatted manner to put in a binder or something to keep.  But, maybe by then they will be partnered up with some printing company and that would be cool!  hint hint!

I spent about 20 minutes copying my Evernote entries in to so I would have this whole year in there.  I like the fact that they will email me random entries so I can get reminders of how the year has gone.

Anyone else up for trying  I would love to hear if anyone else is using it and if you like it.


Family Heirlooms on Ebay

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I had never thought about searching Ebay for family heirlooms until a very kind friend of mine Jim Thompson of The Davis-Thompson Family,  sent me an email and said he saw a journal on there of  Dr. Charles Augustus Hooks III, and he thought I might be interested.  So, I checked it out, and yep, there it was.  On Ebay.  For $20.  So, yes I bought it.

Journal of Dr. Charles Hooks

I was very pleased to find inside the Journal this newspaper clipping:

News clipping of Dr. Charles Hooks on the right, from his journal.

There are quotes inside the journal, and more newsclippings:

Quotes from the Journal of Dr. Charles Hooks

Article from Dr. Charles Hooks Journal

Also, some marriage advice, on a fold out sheet.  Nine rules for building a successful marriage.

Nine Rules for a Successful Marriage from the Journal of Dr. Charles Hooks

I was very pleased to see the picture of him from the newsclipping.  I have several photo’s of him when he was a child, but none from his adulthood.  In this picture, here he is with my 2nd great-grandmother, Sarah Mildred Martin Williams, and on the right, my great-uncle, Milton Higginbotham.

Dr. Charles Hooks, Mildred Williams, Milton Higginbotham

A few weeks after the journal showed up, other things came up on Ebay for Dr. Hooks, a lot of his medical certificates, which I just could not afford to buy, and a couple of pictures.  I did buy the pictures.  Here they are:

Dr. Charles Hooks with the Urology Dept, sitting on the first row just to the left of the gentleman standing. Others in the photo are unknown to me.

Back of photo says: Urology Group, (Date??) Front Row: Hooks flanked by Schneider and Lantin Back Row: Akbar, Kavan, Saenz & Alfaro

I’m still kind of amazed these things showed up on Ebay.  I have been unable to locate a descendant of his, and the gentleman that I bought these items from informed me he got them at an estate sale.  I guess I’m just trying to wrap my head around the fact that people profit off of items that family members might hold dear.  It makes me wonder if other items, such as the family bible and other photos were discarded or sold off, and I missed them??  What if the bible of my 2nd great-grandfather, Rev. F. H. Williams was in his possession and someone tossed it out?  I shudder to think of it.  Our heritage could be lost forever.

If you are a descendant of Dr. Charles Hooks, or know anyone from his family, please contact me.  I know he had a son, Charles Augusts Hooks IV, but I have been unable to locate any information on him, and I fear the worst since his father’s stuff was sold off in an estate sale.

Has anyone else come across anything like this before?  I would love to hear from you if you have, or your opinions on this.


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