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Happy Birthday Momma!

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Today is my Momma’s 29th Birthday.  Teasing!  She’s 76.  That would be kinda cool though, that would mean I would get a do-over.  But, then again so would she and would I be here?  I’ll just stick with things the way they are now that I think about it.

Although, I would like to trade her Alzheimer’s in.  It’s something I wouldn’t wish anyone to go through.  Ever.  She handles it better than all of us.  Since she got diagnosed with it last Aug, never once, not one time, has she said “Oh, woe is me.”  Her concern has always been for Dad, and all of us and what she feels she is putting us through.  My Momma’s a trooper!  I could only hope that if I ever have to go through something like this, I do it with the grace my Momma is doing it with.

Now, I’ll share some photos with you of my Momma.  These are some of my favorites.




Look at Momma raising that dress up and showing some leg! Ha

Mom and Nanny Parks

Poo, Mom, and Daddy O. I love this picture. They are at the Grand Canyon

Mom on her horse Czar. She rode him all the time by herself, and loved this horse. She still talks about him all the time. He ran away with her once and her Dad jumped bareback on another horse and came and saved her.

Mom, I love those Shirley Temple curls!

My Mom's cousin Ann, and Mom

I love this picture, Poo is trying to get her pose on, and Mom is photo bombing!!

Mom, 8 years old

Poo and Mom

Mom, she loved this bicycle. She still talks about it all the time.

Mom and her friend Josie

Mom and Josie, nice tubes girls!



Mom and Dad, they dated in High School, but broke up when they went to college.

1954, Mom as Homecoming Sponser at Arkansas High School in Texarkana.

Mom, college days

Mary, Bill and Mary Helen Parks - Christmas 1955.

Mom and Ann



Mom and Dad, on their wedding day. 11 Sep 1964

Mom and Dad, on their 25th Wedding Anniversary

Mom and her friend Josie

Mom and Dad, Thanksgiving 2011

Dad, Aunt Jane, Mom and Uncle Charlie, Christmas 2011


Happy Birthday Mom, oh how we love you!!

Happy Birthday Butch!

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Today is my brother Butch’s birthday, and since so many of you liked the pictures of Dad that I posted, I thought I would post some of Butch.

He may kill me.

Pray for me people.

Marge, Rufus holding Butch


Memaw (Edna) and Butch

Here's Little Butch, so cute!

Jack Starks and Butch.



Gene, Butch, BJ

BJ, Butch, Gene, and Dad

BJ, Butch holding John, and Gene

Bepaw (Earl), Butch, and Gene

Butch, Gene, BJ and John


Butch, nice plaids Bro!

Way to go Bro!


BJ, Butch, Gene, and Marge

Pam, Butch, Ben and Melissa, Christmas

Melissa, Butch, Rufus, Pam, Mary Helen and Ben

Dad, Memaw, Butch, John, and Jonathan

Melissa and Butch

Pam, Melissa, Butch, Mary Helen, Rufus, Jud, Leslie, Justin, Michael, Ben, Esbeida, Christmas 2011

Butch, this is a great picture.

Happy Birthday Brother!  We love you, and we hope you enjoy this day, and many more to come.

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Happy Birthday Daddy!

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Today is my Dad’s 78th Birthday.  I thought I would share some pictures with you of him throughout his life.

Funny story about this picture.  Dad told me on several different occasions that Aunt Jane was always tugging on his ear, and he couldn’t stand it.  When Aunt Jane let me borrow some photo albums to scan, I found this gem.  There she is, tugging on his ear.  Dad was mortified more about the dress though. HA!

Dad and Aunt Jane


Dad and Aunt Jane


Dad and Aunt Jane


Dad and Aunt Jane






Memaw (Edna), Bepaw (Earl), Dad and Aunt Jane


Earl, Edna, Jane, and Rufus




Dad standing second from left. This article I found clipped inside Big Momma's (his grandmother Mollie Harris) Bible.








Rufus April 1955




Rufus Higginbotham, Cardinals in the Minors

You can find his stats on, but he says they aren’t right, they don’t have all his games listed.

Rufus and Marge


Aunt Jane, Memaw, and Dad


Dad and Bepaw


Rufus and Marge


Marge and Rufus on their Wedding Day


Memaw and Dad


Dad and my Mom


Dad and my Mom


Dad and my Mom on their Wedding Day


Dad and Memaw


Dad and Aunt Jane, the last time they saw each other.



Happy Birthday Dad!  We love you and wish you many more!

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Blooming and Growing Around the Compound

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So, Dad did fast the next morning for the Dr.  he managed to NOT eat a sausage biscuit and drink a HUGE glass of milk this time, and this time the visit was uneventful.  Thank goodness!

Afterwards we drove up by the dam to see how the lake was looking. Beautiful as ever.

Greers Ferry Lake, Dam at Heber Springs

Dam at Heber Springs

Things are really in bloom around the compound, and growing fast.

Garlic in bloom

Won’t be long and my Iris’ will be opened up. I love the Color Purple, the color and the movie. I loves Harpo too, but I kill him dead…. oh, sorry.  I was getting carried away. Here’s my color purple Iris’.

The Color Purple Iris'

Here’s Uncle Frank, not really him, but his old headstone. Uncle Frank E. Parks died in 1897 and he was only 9 years old when he passed. He has a new headstone in the Cypress Cemetery in Willow, Arkansas with all his information on it, so we brought his old one home and it adorns my flower bed. I think he would like that.

Uncle Frank Elbert Parks' headstone

As usual, Michael was around to liven things up, never a dull moment when he is around.




We went up to check on our potato patch, and boy hidey!! I will have potatoes all winter this time it looks like. The grass is coming up too though so that fence row will have to be cleaned up. Pretty soon it will be time to plant some veggies.

Knucklehead in the potato patch

The Hubs and Knucklehead, before grass removal

Potato Patch after the grass removal

Well, now we are off to my brother’s to eat Pizza.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Life is what you make of it…

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This morning I drove my father to the Dr.

His regular Dr., you know the one who is supposed to keep up with his general well being.

His kidney Dr. had ordered up some lab work and told us to go to his regular Dr. to get the lab work done.

We do what we are told.

This made my Dad’s regular Dr. very upset.


So we spent the first ten minutes getting chewed out by him (the regular Dr.) who was telling us he isn’t a lab service and Medicare could be all over him for it. His staff now knows that this isn’t acceptable, blah blah blah….   I zoned…….

Now, if any of you know my Dad, and a few of you do and you probably know where I am going with this, my Dad doesn’t get chewed out by anybody.  Ever.

See this look on his face?  I was waiting for the Dr. to get annihilated but Dad just keeps sitting there with this look on his face.  Waiting, listening, plotting, and planning.

The Dr. continues on his rant, and finally says, “I’m going to do the lab work this one time, but in the future, you tell that kidney Dr. I’m not a lab and they can do their own lab work. Now, you’ve not had anything to eat this morning right?”

Dad calmly says, “Why, yes, as a matter of fact I had a sausage biscuit and a HUGE glass of milk.”

The Dr. slams the chart shut and says “You’ll have to come back tomorrow then after you have fasted, and by then I’m finding you another kidney Dr.”  He leaves and shuts the door.

Dad looks at me and grins like a cheshire cat and says “I have to have some fun in this somehow, that’s how I look at it.”

So we leave.

We may or may not go back tomorrow morning.  He may or may not fast.


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