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Fun with the Kids

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This weekend we had great fun around the compound, as we call it.  It was such a pretty day and my husband John was out working on the family Muscadine vine, pruning it back and fixing the posts, they have gotten mighty wobbly.  My parents planted the vine about 14 years ago when they first moved up here and this is the first time it’s ever been cut back.  Here’s a picture of my husband with his two helpers, my son Michael and his daughter Tori.

Michael, John and Tori. Pruning the Muscadine Vine.

While they were doing all this, and I was documenting it with my camera, my brother John Higginbotham buzzed us in his helicopter.  Totally unplanned, but I ended up getting some great shots of his helicopter.

John Higginbotham in his helicopter.

Back to the vine, I asked the kids to take a moment to pose for me, and while they usually hate getting pictures taken, it was better than working right??

Michael and Tori

Then, I noticed Tori was really posing for me which is unusual for her, she absolutely hates getting her photo taken.  I asked her about her posing, and she replied, “I can’t help it that I watch Top Model.”

Tori, the next Top Model

So, much to my husbands dismay, I took the kids away from him, and we went to have fun, leaving poor hobo behind to work on the vine all by himself.

John working alone on the vine.

The next stop for the kids and I is the bale of hay in my brother and sister-in-law’s front yard.  Michael the dare devil, afraid of nothing, decides to jump, and of course I am right there to catch the action.

And the jump begins.

Pushing off.

Here is the crouching dragon, hidden tiger sort of jump according to my older son I showed the picture too.


The Landing. Great form Son!

Now Tori wants a piece of the action, but she is scared, so Michael being the gentlemen he can be sometimes, decides he will hold her hand through the process, even if he has to drag her along.  I’m still not clear on how thankful she was about this moment in her life.

Don't worry Tori, Michael is here for you!

Come on Tori, there's no backing out now!

I'll never let go Tori!! You can count on me!


Tori and Michael, still friends after the jump.

Then my brother John decided to buzz us again with the helicopter, so here he is again.

John Higginbotham in his helicopter.

Then somehow I convinced my nephew William Higginbotham to come out for a photo, and his nephew Ean Long was here for a visit so I got to get a really good shot of all the kids.  Yes, William is Ean’s Uncle.  I love it!

Coming for the photo shoot. John and Addie's house in the background.

Ean, Tori, Michael and William. I love these kids!! You can see my house in the background.

Then Tori, Michael, and I went and got the hobo, and we all went for a walk in the woods behind Mom and Dad’s house.

Tori and Michael just can't wait for us.

Escorting us to their "Camp Area"

My hobo decides to show me his brute strength.

Thank you honey, now I know how strong you are.

Tori at their "Camp Site." Please notice the shovel, and snacks. The two things they needed to get through the day.

Michael shows us he can climb a tree. A very brittle tree I might add. I made him get down. "Awwww Mom!!"

The only bit of color in all the woods. Pretty little daffodil all by it's lonesome.

Then we hear Pappaw start up the tractor, so all play must end.  Sorry kids.  Hobo has to load all the trimmings on the tractor.

Loading up the trimmings. Dad and Mom's house in the background.

Then as all men must do, they stand around and talk for a bit about the size of their equipment and what they want to do with it next.

Dad/Pappaw Rufus, and hobo John.

At the end of the day, we all had so much fun.  The kids played almost all day in the woods and the highlight of their afternoon was finding a dead lizard with a blue eye.  Yuck!  Here is the Muscadine Vine, finished at the end of the day.

All trimmed up!

Here is a video that my brother John put together that he took from his helicopter when he was flying all around us.  The pictures in the top left corner of it are the ones I took when he was flying by us.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did.  It was a beautiful weekend and I had so much fun with the family.  Since I haven’t had much time lately for genealogy, I decided to do this post so you could see what all we have been doing around here at the compound.  I mean, before long, this will be our family history anyway right?  Might as well document it.

Until next time,

Find Me Friday – Bob Hooker

Hello Everyone, this Friday I will be doing my Find Me Friday a bit different. Instead of posting a picture of an unidentified photo, I will be posting an identified photo of Bob Hooker. My 3rd great grandmother was Mary George Hooker Herring Bickley and this photo was in her belongings and copied by me from Butch Harris, and Martha Harris Horn who are in possession of the original photo.


It is my hope that I can find out who Bob Hooker is, and how he relates to Mary George Hooker Herring Bickley.

Also, since I know I got a few snickers out of the surname “Hooker” I thought it would be wise to let you know at this time, how it is believed prostitutes came about being called Hookers. (Thanks to my cousin Debbie for pointing this out to me!) During the civil war there was a man by the name of Joseph Hooker, a major general of the Union Army, also known as “Fighting Joe”. Fighting Joe was defeated by General Robert E. Lee at the battle of Chancellorsville in 1863. His troops were poorly disciplined and famous for running off to socialize with “working girls”. Hooker having a reputation for a hard-drinking ladies man and being widely known for his parties and gambling at his headquarters, allowed the prostitutes to set up shop in his camps. Thus, keeping his men in place and very happy. Any woman questioned as to what she was doing there would reply, “I’m one of Hooker’s girls.” Eventually this was shortened to just “Hooker” and while it can be said that the word “Hooker” appears in print some twenty years prior to the civil war in regards to prostitutes, it is believed by many that the events of the civil war regarding “Fighting Joe” Hooker’s girl’s and activities it popularized the term, cementing it in place, even still today.

Now, I know your next question is if I am related to Major General Joseph Hooker, and I must reply that no southern lady would ever admit to such a thing as that!


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I’m baaaccccckkk!!!

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And so are the genealogy pages!  Click the link above that says “Genealogy” and you will be taken to my new family genealogy pages.  It’s still got a lot of work that needs to be done, but you can at least access the pages and search for your ancestor.

I apologize for being away, and taking so long in getting the family pages back up.  My father was sick and spent a couple of days in the hospital, and then I got sick, and then my precious Aunt Jane went home to the Lord.  While Aunt Jane will be missed, I rejoice that she is in heaven with our Father, and her body is whole and no longer in pain.  Here she is with my grandparents, and I imagine their reunion was sweet!

Lou Jane Higginbotham Starks, Earl and Edna Higginbotham

I’ll be getting back to regular posts now that things have settled down. Yes, I’m knocking on wood.  It seems that every time I say that, things spiral out of control, but I have faith everything is going to go ok for a while, cause God knows I need a break, and I have a lot to share with you, so stay tuned……


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Tree Update

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For the next couple of days, I will be re-doing the family tree pages, so they won’t be available.  I’ve been having problems with the plugin, and I have realized that the information has gotten jumbled up in the plugin.  Tree will be back when I get this corrected.  I don’t want anyone to get the wrong information from the tree!


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